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601 Ivy

601 Ivy

Adult - Female
good with other dogs

Ivy is about a 7 year old 65 pound black female. She found her way to a northern California shelter infested with fleas and horrible flea dermatitis. The staff treated her for fleas and shaved the back half of her body to get air to the hot spots so they could heal. She did get tested to confirm it wasn’t anything worse and the tests were negative. Then she came down with kennel cough and we had to wait again to rescue this sweet girl. Finally, we have her and she’s recovering from surgery and she’s doing well. She is good with other dogs, tolerates her crate at night, but at this point, that’s all we know about her. She needs a few days to de-stress from life in a loud shelter kennel and she seems to be enjoying the quiet. Since she just had surgery, we’re not allowing her to run, romp and play with her new dog friends and you can tell she really wants to! Ivy needs training…basic obedience, house training and leash work, but each day she progresses in all the above. We’ll learn more and teach more as she recovers and is up for the training. Right now, she’s just getting lots of TLC!

Dog Rating Level 2

601 Ivy

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