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583 Remington

583 Remington

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Remington is a 16 month old 61 pound purebred chocolate male. Sadly, his parents got a 60 day notice on their home they were living and were unable to find another rental property that would allow a large dog. Remy has been raised with a baby to teenage kids and is good with all of them. He also has been around grandma’s cats and though they hate him, he would really like to play with them! He’s good with other dogs but he’s just learning how to play. He has had no formal training but he’s generally a good boy. A round of obedience class to get you both on the same page will be an excellent bonding experience and getting Remy on the direction to the perfect canine citizen. Remy had been treated for a food allergy…he now eats a grain free Salmon food and has not had any further problems. Remy has been used to having mom around and he does like company. He is not a dog you can put in your back yard and leave him all day while you are at work. He’s still just a big puppy in an adult sized body…he just needs some maturing along with lots of love, attention, exercise and training to make him your perfect family dog.

Dog Rating Level 2

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