578 Guinness

Adult - Male
Adopted crate trainedgood with other dogs

Guinness is a 2 year old 88 pound black male. He has brown highlights likely from sun bleaching which makes him look like a big sable colored teddy bear! He was picked up as a stray in rural Nevada and no one came to claim him. This boy impressed us with his loving nature and easy going demeanor. He is mature for his age and already knows sit, stay and down. But Guinness can kick it into gear and run like a deer. He seems to enjoy doing sprints when he’s not leaning into you getting a good ear scratch. Guinness had been living outside in the high dessert where it gets below freezing so he has a very thick winter coat, but now that he’s in rescue, he’s learning and loving the life of an inside dog. He is good in his crate at night and is showing us that he is likely house trained (no accidents). He is fairly good on a leash for his size but he gets quite excited when he sees another dog…all he wants to do is play! He shows his age when he plays with other dogs…jumping and bouncing and running around. We gave him his name because he’s a rich, dark, full bodied boy and a very special boy at that!

Dog Rating Level 2