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576 Olive

576 Olive

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogs

Baja is an 8 year old purebred black female, weighing about 55 pounds. She was one of the main breeding girls at the facility but her mommy days are over. She is a social girl who enjoys being around everyone! She is bouncy, sweet, happy and loves attention. Olive is more English lab with the blocky head, thick body and otter tail. Because Olive lived in a kennel, she’ll need to learn house manners, but she will learn quickly. She’s easy on a leash and sleeps quietly in her crate. Olive gets along with everyone and has a bit more confidence than the typical kennel raised dogs.

Dog Rating Level 2

57X Olive Face

57X Olive Sit

57X Olive Sit 2