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553 Gloria

553 Gloria

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Gloria is about a 70+ pound super senior black female. She was picked up as a stray in northern California. And she was in dire need of some dental care. We got her checked out, her teeth cleaned and taken care of. We don’t normally take on dogs this old, but once you meet Gloria, you will know why we broke our own rule! She is full of life and as happy as can be. She’s a bit deaf, but she can still see and smell and has no trouble going on walks and running up and down a flight of stairs. She loves car rides and gets comfy on the back seat. We are seeing her zest for life. She’s good with other dogs and is gentle with children. She knows sit and walks fairly well on a leash. And when we brought her into the house, she showed us that she knew all the house rules including housetraining. Gloria is enjoying her walks. It breaks our hearts to see any senior dog in the shelter knowing that she’s been dumped, but Gloria is so special. She deserves a comfy dog bed in front of a warm fire and to be spoiled for however long she has. She gives so much love.

Dog Rating Level 1

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