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531 Makana

531 Makana

Young - Female
crate trained

Makana is an 11 1/2 month old 60 pound black female. She’s a Labrador retriever / Springer Spaniel cross. This was a purposeful breeding. Makana’s family got her and her sister as puppies and realized a few months ago that 2 young puppies were just too much so we found her sister a home. Now, a few months later, the parents realized that Makana isn’t getting the time, attention AND training she needs to make her the perfect family dog so they contacted us again. Makana did go for a training day but with busy work schedules, the training didn’t get the reinforcement it needed. Fortunately, she is a smart dog and will learn quickly. She also loves whatever attention she can get so she wants to please. Makana means gift in Hawaiian and she will gift an active family who can make her the center of attention with years of joy.

Dog Rating Level 2

531 Makana Stand

531 Makana Sit

531 Makana Paw

531 Makana Face 2