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524 Angel

524 Angel

Adult - Female

Angel is a 17 month old 58 pound yellow female. Her name is appropriate–she is an angel! We got a call–a woman was helping her neighbor to find homes for his 4 labs after he suffered a couple strokes and could no longer care for himself let alone 4 young labs. He purchased them to breed and sadly they got no training and lived on a small deck where they repeatedly jumped the railing and got picked up by animal control. The neighbor taught them ‘sit’ but that’s all they knew when we rescued them. They are now learning about house training, crate training, learning to walk on a leash and go for walks. Most of all, they are loving running and playing on grass! They are social dogs for not having much socialization. They do look to each other for support and it will take time and patience for each of them to learn to live more independently. Angel and her sisters are not dogs you can leave alone in the house or yard and go to work. They would be very unhappy.

Dog Rating Level 2

524 Angel Stand 2

524 Angel Sit 2

524 Angel Lay

524 Angel Froggie Stretch