521 Lotto – NEW!

Adult - Male
Adoptable good with other dogs

Lotto is about an 8 year old 40 pound chocolate male. We got a desperate plea from a central valley shelter begging for help for a lab who has had a really hard life. When we met Lotto, he was skin and bones (not much fur!), black with fleas, so stinky that we were gagging and he was just so happy to have any attention…he did that wonderful full body wiggle. That’s all it took! Poor Lotto is now flea free, getting medicated baths and is under veterinary care probably for the first time in his life. He had NO chance of getting adopted in his condition, but we believe this poor boy deserves a chance to experience love and happiness and a full belly. He looks like he’s been used as a bait dog (one ear is nearly torn in 2) so you’d think he’d be fearful of other dogs…no such case. He loves everyone and all his new dog friends. Lotto may be a project, but we’re going to make him feel like he won the lottery.

Dog Rating Level 2