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482 Brayden

482 Brayden

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Brayden is about a 7 year old 70 pound light yellow male. He found his way as a stray to a small rural shelter where they called us for rescue because he is heartworm positive. He’s a sweet easy going mellow boy and is house trained (knows how to use a doggie door). He is good with other dogs and kids. Brayden is heartworm positive and he will be going through treatment at our expense, he can be fostered (to adopt) during this treatment time as long as you are fairly close to where we are located in the Lincoln/Sacramento or close surrounding area. We will take him to the Red Bluff/Redding area for treatment. There are two trips to the vet (a month apart) for treatment and the time in between and following treatment he has to pretty much be a couch potato….no playing or ball chasing until the last treatment is completed. Following the last treatment he has one final rest phase of about 45 days. After that he can resume being an active playful dog! This treatment time is great for bonding as well as time to teach house manners and simple easy tricks. We have had several adopters foster their dog through treatment and thought the time went very quickly and were grateful they did it so they could have the quiet time together. Brayden had his first treatment and returns for final treatment around July 6th.

Brayden is living with a foster family so at this point he doesn’t need a foster home through treatment.

Dog Rating Level 2