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480 Vader

480 Vader

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Vader is about a 3 year old 70 pound black male. He’s mixed with a little something–we’re thinking Rottweiler because of his low key easy going personality. We rescued him from an overcrowded rural shelter when they had no more kennel space. It was a no-brainer when he came trotting up to us and rolled over at our feet for a belly rub! Vader was quickly adopted by a fantastic family with 3 small children and he was the best dog ever…except he doesn’t like being left alone. He is happiest with someone around or a dog friend. When he’s with a dog friend, he can relax and be a dog. When he’s with his family, he is perfect fur baby, letting the 3 year old daughter hug and cuddle with him…the family insisted we tell you how wonderful he really is. It broke their hearts to see Vader unhappy when they had to go to work and it was for Vader’s happiness that they tearfully returned him. Vader is house trained, knows sit, is ok on a leash but is completely responsive off leash, likes to ride in the car, and he is the best foot warmer a person could want. He wants to lay right at (or on) your feet, usually rolling over for that belly rub. He is good with other dogs and when he got to his foster’s home, he did about 3 full speed sprints around the yard with all his new foster friends. Vader was initially picked up with another dog so we assume Vader has never been on his own and he has probably let the other dog take the lead. So Vader will need a playful dog friend in his new home and a family who will love him for who he is…which is one very special loving boy!

Dog Rating Level 2

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