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479 Delta

479 Delta

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Delta is a 10 year old black female weighing about 100 pounds (she is already on a diet and should weigh closer to 78 pounds). She was surrendered by her owners, they just got two new puppies and didn’t want her anymore. Delta has been neglected (her toe nails were so long she could only walk a few steps at a time) for many years. We couldn’t resist getting her out of that home life. Delta is great with other dogs, cats, and she loves children. She is an easy going girl who just wants attention now and then, to go on easy walks which will help get the weight off, and to be taken care of. Delta is our kind of girl, super easy and very lovable. You cant go wrong with a girl as sweet as Delta.

Dog Rating Level 1

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