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476 Shiloh

476 Shiloh

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Shiloh is a 9 1/2 year old ~70 pound black and tan female mix. She and her brother, Duke, were sadly surrendered after the family’s new baby became seriously ill and required repeated hospital stays for respiratory distress. Poor Shiloh was put outside to live after being a long loved family member for over 9 years. Her owners knew the dogs deserve better and tearfully surrendered them to us to find them wonderful new homes. Shiloh and Duke are from the same litter: mom was a purebred black female and according to the owners, there were 2 fathers–a black lab and something with long hair and tan markings). She will get groomed and the much overgrown ‘fluff’ will be shaved off, but even with the extra hair gone, she is still fluffy in the overfed kind of way. Both Shiloh and her brother are very loving, friendly dogs. Shiloh is house trained, knows sit, walks ok on a leash, loves kids, dogs and cats…she is just a sweet, sweet girl! She seems to be independent of her brother and hopefully she will go home to a family who will shower her with lots of love and attention…which she will give right back in lots of doggie kisses.

Dog Rating Level 1

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