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465 Copper

465 Copper

Adult - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

Copper is a 7 1/2 year old 72 pound purebred yellow male. With a second child on the way and a toddler just learning to walk, Copper wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. He had no where to relax without being tugged on or ears pulled by his toddler. Copper is a very friendly, happy boy who just wants to be part of the family but have a place ‘to chill’ when he wants. He is house trained and crate trained but prefers a dog bed to sleep. He knows sit, will pull on a leash so we’re working to improve his leash manners. He loves riding in a car, loves fetching his ball, enjoys hanging out with his new foster dog friends and just being a dog! Don’t think 7 and think he’s a couch potato–not only does he not get on the couch, he doesn’t act like one either. This boy has lots of energy and is an active boy.

Dog Rating Level 2

465 Copper Down

465 Copper Sit