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457 Pearl

457 Pearl

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogs

Pearl is an 8 or 9 year old yellow female lab weighing about 55 pounds. She and her dog friend Teddy (#458) came into a small Northern California shelter picked up as strays. Both dogs are sweet, wiggly, tail wagers that are just happy to get attention. Pearl is a bit thin and could use a few pounds. Her coat and skin will get better on her new food, she had a lot of flea dermatitis when she came in (her photos were taken before her bath but now she is sparkly white). Pearl and Teddy are heartworm positive and they will be going through treatment at our expense. We take them up to the Redding area for treatment. There are two trips to the vet (a month apart) for treatment and the time in between and following treatment they have to pretty much be couch potatoes….no playing or ball chasing until the last treatment is completed. Following the last treatment they have one final rest phase of about 45 days. After that they can resume being active playful dogs! This treatment time is great for bonding as well as time to teach house manners and simple easy tricks. We have had several adopters foster their dog through treatment and thought the time went very quickly and were grateful they did it so they could have the quiet time together.
Update: Pearl and Teddy are living in a foster home while undergoing heartworm treatment, we will update you following treatment (we always give the heartworm foster first chance at adopting).

Dog Rating Level 1

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