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451 Dixie

451 Dixie

Adult - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Dixie is a 57 pound 1+ year old lab-hound mix. This baby girl has now recovered from having babies herself. She ended up as a stray in a shelter and it’s hard to believe she would have left her babies. Her toenails were painted pink and we’re guessing that her people were done with her now that they have her litter of pups so they never came for her. She is very affectionate and if you aren’t paying attention, she’ll sneak a kiss. She had some postpartum ‘crazies’…we’ve seen this before in mommas getting spayed soon after having a litter, but she is settling in so much better after a few weeks recovery. And her figure is getting back to normal too! She is house trained, crate trained, walks ok on a leash, and knows sit. She still likes to curl up on chairs and couches so don’t expect to change that. She is not a dog you can put in the backyard and go to work for the day. With the hound side of her, you must be the leader because she is stubborn! She will try your patience, but she is such a love that we can never stay mad at her when she’s naughty. She gets along well with all her foster dog friends and is very playful. She’s still a pup herself and she will need a strong, devoted adopter committed to continued training. If you make the commitment, you will have a devoted friend for a very long time.

Dog Rating Level 2

451 Dixie New Sit

451 Dixie New Face

451 Dixie Drying Up