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444 Sawyer

444 Sawyer

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Sawyer is a gorgeous 3 year old AKC registered black male lab weighing 84 pounds. His owner surrendered him to us because they never trained him, could not handle him and did not have time for him. Sawyer was not socialized and has lead a very sheltered life, living inside the home crated all of the time. He had rarely seen life outside the crate, until now! Now that he is out of the crate he is experiencing life as it should be! He only sleeps in the crate and hangs out in it when his foster mom runs an errand but the rest of the time he is out and needs that to continue to grow up and gain confidence out in the real world. He is not the type of boy you can put outside alone at this point, he doesn’t have the confidence to be out there without you. He is really starting to settle when out of the crate, he had a fair amount of anxiety (he didn’t know what to do out of the crate) at first but is overcoming it. He is good in the car and good with children. He met all his foster moms dogs and is mostly indifferent, he doesn’t know how to play or interact so he just does his own thing…which is run around, play with toys or play in the water. Sawyer does LOVE to get wet and we are guessing he will love to swim in the warmer months! He really loves toys so he will need a regular supply (they just don’t make things like they used to). Sawyer will not be the type of dog to interact and play with other dogs, he is more concerned about pleasing you and playing with his toys. Sawyer is super sweet but could definitely use some obedience classes (he had not been on a leash, except a few times going to the vet for vaccinations over the past three years). You will need to be an experienced person in order to handle him at this point, he is a very strong boy just learning how to walk on a leash as well as other social skills he is just learning for the first time ever. But, he really aims to please you and makes good eye contact. Sawyer will be an exceptional dog but needs the right person to come along and spend the time to help him turn into the best boy ever.
We are so proud: 1/23/18, Sawyer left today for Oregon and will begin bomb dog training for the University of Oregon, they are just starting a bomb dog program.

Dog Rating Level 2

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