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441 Lucy

441 Lucy

Adult - Female
house trained

Lucy is a 2 1/2 year old 59 pound fox red female. She was tearfully given up by her person after having her for only 4 months because she works long hours and Lucy isn’t getting the attention she needs and deserves. Lucy is house trained and sleeps quietly on her dog bed. She uses the doggie door to come and go as needed. She started obedience training so Lucy knows a few things but taking her to class will definitely cement the bond between her and her new human. She is overwhelmed in her foster home, getting used to all the other dogs and all the activity throughout the day, but she is definitely happier for the company. Lucy needs to get out and see the world to become less anxious, but that just takes time and patience and she’ll be a wonderful addition to a family where someone is home to keep her company. She absolutely loves car rides and she has to be dragged out of the car when you get home. She does NOT have separation anxiety; she has young dog boredom. A young lab with nothing to do will find something to do and usually it’s not good…not Lucy’s fault. We made a promise to Lucy’s person that she will only go to a home where someone is home more than they are gone. So if you have an 8 to 5 job, you aren’t on Lucy’s wishlist.

Dog Rating Level 2

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