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402 Max

402 Max

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Max is a very handsome purebred black male 2 years and 11 months old and weighs 78 pounds. Max was tearfully surrendered with Penny when their owner had a heart attack and is too ill to care for them any longer. Family members had been going to the house and letting them out a couple times a day but they were very lonely. Max is thrilled for all the attention he is getting. He doesn’t know much so obedience classes are a must for this boy. He is a happy friendly energetic boy and he loves to play ball, he would also probably like to swim. He is house trained, knows sit, walks ok on a leash, and rides fine in the car. He also knows how the use the doggie door. He is not crate trained and at this point he is probably not a candidate for someone needing a crate trained dog. He is also NOT a dog you can put in the backyard while you are gone. Max stays inside when his foster mom leaves and he is a very good boy waiting inside. He is used to living inside with his house mate Penny, so Max definitely needs a doggie play friend in the home. He is very engaged with his human as well as his dog friends. He is a velcro boy and will follow you everywhere and will be a great companion.

Level 2

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