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371 Patton

371 Patton

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Patton is a 6 year old yellow male weighing 79 pounds. His owners gave him up when they had a career change and he needed more love and attention than they could give, they felt it was best thing they could do for Patton. Patton was trained and lived in the house as a young dog but has spent the past 4 years outside as a kennel dog. He is good with other dogs, kids, but not cats. He loves the water too. He seems to be an easy going boy, sweet, mellow and loves attention. He knows sit, down and here. Patton is ready to get on with the good life living inside again and having a family that will love him forever and give him the attention he deserves.

Dog Rating Level 1 to 2

371 Patton Face

371 Patton Resting

371 Patton Too Hot