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328 Jade

328 Jade

Adult - Female

Jade is about a 2 year old, 70 pound black female. We just rescued from a rural shelter so we will need a few days to get to know each other. She was scared to death in the shelter and would not come to the front of the kennel. The Animal Control officer told us to give her a chance…he said she’s just scared here but once she’s out, she is your typical lab. He was so right! She was nearly too scared to walk, but the minute we got her to our car, she went into full body wiggle! She wants nothing more than to be touched and as soon as you put a gentle hand on Jade, she stops wiggling just to enjoy the touch. She’s gorgeous, but don’t get sold by her looks; it’s the personality that you want and Jade has plenty of both!

Dog Rating Level 2

328 Jade Stand

328 Jade Sit