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313 Bailey

313 Bailey

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bailey is a 6 year old 46 pound petite chocolate female. She was surrendered by her loving and caring owner after she got her from her daughter 3 years ago when daughter did not have the time for an active young lab. Now that she has moved, living in a condo and looking to go back to work, she is worried Bailey will get bored and get into trouble. She is well trained but she will not miss an opportunity to take a tasty morsel off the counter. She loves her food! She is house trained (she rings a bell to go outside) sleeps in a crate, and gets along well with other dogs. She has had mom home most of the time and has gotten used to having her people home so ideally, Bailey would be happiest with company and daily exercise. Don’t think because Bailey is 6 that she is a couch potato. She needs and loves her daily exercise. She is just settling in, but she has been my little shadow.

Dog Rating Level 2