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295 Grace

295 Grace

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Grace is a 10 year old black female purebred lab weighing 82 pounds. She was given up with her litter mate sister named Star because of owner illness and is moving to a place where she could not have the girls. Grace and Star are very well mannered and have been taken good care of their entire lives. Their owner raised them from puppies and taught them well. They ride in the car very well and love to go for car rides and will patiently wait for you to run errands (as long as the weather is good for them to wait in the car). Although they are quite independent of each other in their foster home we are hoping to adopt them together since they have been together their whole lives, they just lost their owner so we think they would be very sad to lose each other. Both girls are still very active and are a joy to have around.

Dog Rating Level 1