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233 Buddy

233 Buddy

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Buddy is an 8 year old 85 pound AKC registered yellow male. Purchased as a puppy by the husband to be trained as a hunting dog, he became ill and passed away when Buddy was about 1. Buddy’s mom is traveling a lot now in her retirement years, and she felt boarding Buddy so often was not fair to him. For his well being, she contacted rescue to help him find his new home for his retirement years. But like his mom, don’t think of him as a senior! Eight is the new 4 in lab years, and Buddy has lots of spunk and playful years left to enjoy. Though he had been an outside only dog for a number of years, he’s being re-acquainted with the good life of air conditioning and a dog bed. He is getting a refresher course on house training and having no problems remembering. He is good on a leash, knows sit and down, sleeps in a crate without a fuss, likes car rides, other dogs and kids. He’s never met a cat (yet), so that’s an unknown. Buddy is looking for a home where he can get love, a daily game of fetch or a good daily walk to keep him fit, active and young at heart for many long years to come.

Dog Rating Level 2

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