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183 Charlie

183 Charlie

Adult - Male
good with other dogs

Charlie, aka goofball, is about a 2 year old 90 pound yellow male. We got a desperate plea to help this boy when he came to an overcrowded rural shelter…the boy was a mess. He was cryptorchid which means his testicles had not descended. He had entropian eyelids which means his eye lids were turned in and his eyelashes were rubbing on his eyes. And he had a skin infection around his mouth and nose. He is now neutered, he’s had an ‘eyelid lift’, and he’s on antibiotics for his irritation around his muzzle. In spite of all he’s been through, his tail never stops wagging! We lovingly call him our pet lion because if we put a mane on him, he could double as a lion. He wants to play with other dogs, we don’t know about cats, would do best around older kids just because of his size. He is very gentle for his size and walks nicely on a leash.

Dog Rating Level 2

Charlie 183