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176 Henry

176 Henry

Senior - Male

If you really love old dogs, you will love Henry. Henry made his way to a rural shelter as a stray. When our volunteer went to evaluate him, Henry already had a put to sleep date because he was struggling so much. Our volunteer brought him home to give him a few good final days. With veterinary guidance, she increased his pain medication, and once that kicked in, lo and behold Henry woke up!! That was two months ago, and since then, he has let everyone know not to count him out because he’s still got a lot of living to do.

Henry is 63 pounds and neutered. We don’t know how old he is, but guess he’s at least 13. And although he’s got old man fatty lumps and breathes heavily when he limps around (his back legs are weak), Henry still thinks he’s a youngster. Henry will tease the resident dog to play, or swipe his rawhide or toy when he’s not looking. And on occasion, when the back gate is left unlatched, guess who is waiting on the front porch when his foster family comes home? Yes, Henry who thinks the return of his family is well worth the long steep climb from the backyard to the front.

Henry loves a gentle game of ball (he must have been quite the ball dog in his youth), rolling in the grass, belly rubs, and stealing ham sandwiches from the coffee table. He is easy, and happy, very loving, and gets along with everyone. Henry would do best in a one-story home with carpeting, a dog door, and maybe another doggie companion. And a stay-at-home family member would be a dream come true.

Dog Rating level 1

Henry Standingin Leaves

Henry Looking Up

Henry Laying Looking Up