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162 Bonny

162 Bonny

Young - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bonny is a 45 pound black female and our vet thinks she is barely one year old. She is a bit shy upon first meeting but after she gets to know you look out cause she is all sweetness and kisses. She needs some leash work, but with as little and smart as she is that won’t be too difficult, and she is doing better already in the short amount of time we have had her. She also still jumps on you but we have been working on that as well and she is already much better about it. She does know sit and would love to crawl in your lap and give you kisses. She absolutely LOVES her foster moms 7 year old daughter. She is a social butterfly with other dogs as well and she thinks everyone is her best friend forever! She is truly a sweetie pie and with some more socialization and confidence from her humans will overcome her shyness fairly quickly.

Dog Rating Level 1

Bonny Sitting Inside

Bonny Sitting Kelsey