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160 Sally

160 Sally

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Sally is a 70 pound, we think 4-5 year old black female. She’s a mix…most likely hound (which we love in combination with the lab). She’s got the great personality you expect in a lab. She is house trained, crate trained, LOVES car rides, GREAT with other dogs. We are making an educated guess she would not be good with cats. With daily exercise and less kibble that extra 10 pounds will come off. Sally has a new nickname–it’s Woo Woo because she will trot through the house saying “woo woo”. It is hysterical! She also has informed us that she is a princess and does not like to get her toes wet nor does she like laminate floors but she has figured them out. Sally really is just looking for someone to adore her and she will adore them in return and she would absolutely LOVE a dog buddy in the home to play with. This girl is very sweet and loves to play!

Dog Rating Level 2

Sally New

Sally Sitting