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142 Sandy

142 Sandy

Senior - Female
crate trainedgood with childrenhouse trained

Sandy got here just in time, her time was up at the shelter. She is about 9 or so years old and weighs about 50 pounds, obviously a labby mix but we couldn’t resist. She was a stray and her owners didn’t come for her, the shelters only hold them for so long and typically older dogs don’t get adopted so they don’t keep them around in the shelter. She was happy to get out of the shelter and made a run for the car, couldn’t get in fast enough then took a nap most of the long drive home. The photo attached is the car ride home from the shelter and a look of relief on her cute face. Sandy walks fine on a leash (even better when she isn’t high tailing it out of the shelter), knows sit, shake, lay down, and is potty trained. Sandy needs to be in an only dog home she is fine around other dogs until they get up close in her face and then she doesn’t like it and feels she has to defend herself. Chances are something has happened to her in her past unfortunately. She is a wonderful companion and will follow you everywhere as she is very devoted to her humans, she loves getting pets and scratches. She is VERY mellow and just wants to be where you are. She will sleep next to you all night on a dog bed without a peep and go wherever you want for a car ride.

Dog Rating Level 3

Sandy Sitting In Car