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140 Buddy

140 Buddy

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Just arrived! Buddy is about 5 years old weighing 60 pounds he is a tall lanky guy and could use a few more pounds. He was surrendered to a small rural shelter, they said dad lost his job and home. Buddy is pretty mellow and easy going. Rode well in the car on the way home. He knows sit, lay down, and walks fine on the leash. He is still shocked at being left at the shelter so you can tell he is really thinking about it all. He seems fine with all his fosters although he is still adjusting to everything. We will update you more after we get to know him over the weekend. We can tell so far though he is super sweet.

Dog Rating Level 2

Buddy Standing Looking Rt

Buddy Standing Cute Square