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132 Charlie

132 Charlie

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with catsgood with other dogshouse trained

Charlie is about 2 years old and weighs 58 pounds. Poor guy was not only forgotten by his owner (who obviously taught him stuff) but forgotten in a back corner of the shelter for over a month. He tested positive for heartworm disease so he is going through treatment. Charlie has had his last treatment so for the next 30 days or so he needs to be a couch potato and no playing, only easy leash walking. During Charlie’s first treatment the x-rays did not show any heart damage and in fact the vet did not see any evidence of worms, he performed an ultrasound just to make sure he had the disease before he treated him. Charlie is extremely obedient walks well on the leash and knows sit, down and stay. He rides well in the car and loves to go places. Charlie loves to lay at his foster mom’s feet and nap while she works, he also likes to lay outside and soak up the sun when the weather is nice. He gets along with all his foster siblings. Charlie was tested with the shelter cats all of which he ignored so he could probably be trained to live with a cat. He LOVES to play ball or kong and will drop it at your feet, in fact he would be a spectacular agility, flyball, or frisbee dog. Charlie is very good with his foster moms 7 year old daughter and would be best in a home with children that age or older and experienced with dogs. Charlie would love a fun loving home possibly with another dog to play with and an active person that loves to take their dogs everywhere.

Dog Rating Level 4 (mostly because he is a fabulous ball player and could be competitive, he does settle though)