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126 Elsa

126 Elsa

Baby - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Elsa just arrived and is about 4 months old and weighs 35 pounds. She loves to play with her foster friends but she settles nicely during quiet time. So far no potty accidents in the house but her new home will need to continue house training. She loves the water and a good splash in the water dish after playing is the perfect way to cool off. She sleeps all night in her crate without a peep and is awesome riding in the car. She is a puppy so continued obedience training and leash work are a must to turn her into the perfect companion. We had Elsa spayed and ran a few more tests which showed Elsa has puppy mange, typical for puppies as they get it from their mothers, but if their immune system can’t control it then they need help from their humans. Elsa will be on a once per day oral medication for at least a month if not several months and once the tests run clear she will be done with the medicine. Elsa will be available for adoption once we get her going on the medication this week.

Elsa Standing Looking Close

Elsa Standing Looking Close Adjusted

Elsa Sitting On Leash