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12 Piper

12 Piper

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogs

Piper is 10 or so years old. She is very mellow and gets along with other dogs. She is good with children and loves getting pets. She will wait for you at home (most likely catching up on her beauty rest) while you are gone and be the perfect companion when you return. We have had Piper since last summer when we rescued her from a shelter with demodex. Her hair is growing back very well she is no longer on any medication. Because of the demodex she is offered as a special needs girl.

Piper was taken in by Labs 2 Love Rescue around the beginning of August.  She had a terrible case of demodectic mange, among other things.  She was in danger of being put on the euthanasia list at the county shelter until some wonderful saviors brought her to our attention.  We knew we had to rescue this sweet girl and we could see the beauty peeking out from under her scourged fur.  We knew it would be a long haul, but we could try to get Piper fully healed and ultimately into a loving home.

August 18 Update: Piper is feeling better and on the slow road to recovery. Thank you for the few who have been SO very generous with donations toward her care and recovery! You don’t know what that means to us!!!

August 27: Our sweet Piper is definitely on the road to recovery! Her mange is being treated and her beautiful fur is starting to grow in. Before too long, she is going to start looking like the adorable pup we know is underneath! Again, thank you to the few of you who have contributed to her continuing treatment and vet bills! We (and Piper) could NOT have done it without you!

October 24:  Do you all remember Piper? She was the Lab we saved…from a county shelter and bound for most probable euthanasia. She had very bad case of demodectic mange, along with some other ailments…We couldn’t let this sweet girl go – and with the help of some amazing donations from some of our most faithful supporters, and the love from her two wonderful foster moms, Nancy Brauer and Karen Robles, this girl is well on her way to recovery and continues to improve every day…