382 Casper – ON HOLD

Adult - Male
crate trained

Casper is a 6 1/2 year old 60 pound yellow lab/German shorthair cross male. This cross is called a hybrid retriever and the cross has become quite popular among hunters. Casper is a retired hunting dog who now enjoys hanging out with his people and getting a really good scratch…you know the one right above the tail! He gets along with friendly dogs but it takes a bit for him to warm up to new dogs because he was attacked by a dog before we rescued him. He is re-learning to be a house dog and getting a refresher course on things. He had been living in a small kennel for a while before he was rescued. He has figured out that a home is a lot nicer than a kennel and he’s learning the rules of the house very quickly. He has nice leash manners, knows sit, here(for come), and knows to go to his crate for bedtime. He doesn’t jump up on you but will occasionally offer his paw. Don’t think because you see 6 years old that Casper is old…he’s anything but old! He is an active, playful dog who would probably enjoy having a running partner or at least someone who would play fetch with him every day. We are currently working on some training issues with Casper.

Dog Rating Level 2