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The following dogs are AVAILABLE INDEPENDENTLY of Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. These listings are added as a courtesy.

Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. has not evaluated these dogs and makes no claims as to their health or temperament.   Please use the contact info listed with each dog.

Available independently as a courtesy listing:

Hope: 9-year-old female yellow Lab mix ~75 lbs spayed

Background: Hope came to us from the local shelter in pretty bad physical condition; it was clear she had been neglected (at best!) and has had puppies, maybe more than one litter. One of our volunteers met Hope at the shelter and told us this one’s a keeper. Now she’s with us and We agree! We are looking for a home for Hope that will make up for all that neglect!

What Hope’s foster says: Hope was quite stressed getting in my car, but once in she settled down enough on the way home that she put her paw on my lap and laid down. She appears to have no experience with squeaky fuzzy toys or balls. She walked nicely on leash, except for SQUIRREL!!!! Strong prey drive, kitties probably not a good idea. She’s curious, wants to explore everything and everywhere. This girl is smart (already getting used to her name), curious, goes outside to pee and poop. She is watchful, not hand shy, responds well to T-touch, and seeks it out.

What Hope’s Rescue Rep says: We think that Hope did not get a lot of time with her people; lots of things seem new to new to her like toys and balls, but she is making up for lost time! She’s settling in nicely in her foster home, loves getting pets, treats and chicken! So far she is pretty good on a leash (although very strong) unless she sees a squirrel or small dog; she seems to have a very strong prey drive. Hope is going to doggie day care for some socialization and reports have been very positive.

We think Hope has spent enough time on her own being a puppy factory! The ideal home for Hope would be one where a human is around much of the day to hang out with her, give her basic obedience training, and show her how wonderful life as an inside dog with a human family can be. Her new owner needs to be both physically able to handle a strong dog and a strong leader. Someone who has experience working with dogs like Hope, who missed out on the socialization and training that they should have gotten as a puppy, would be really helpful in transitioning Hope to the wonderful inside family dog that she can be. Hope has a strong prey drive, wants to chase squirrels, does not like small dogs and should not go to a home with small dogs or cats. Hope is fine with large dogs.
Medical information: Hope is spayed, micro chipped, heartworm free and up to date on her vaxes. She had some lumps removed and biopsied and they are not malignant.

Hope is located in: San Jose
If you are interested in Hope, please contact Rescue Rep Debbi at dragonflydebbi@gmail.com (preferred) or 408-613-2044 (NOT a textable number)