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The following dogs are AVAILABLE INDEPENDENTLY of Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. These listings are added as a courtesy.

Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. has not evaluated these dogs and makes no claims as to their health or temperament.   Please use the contact info listed with each dog.

Available independently as a courtesy listing:

STEVE: 7-9 Year Old Neutered Male Chocolate Lab 80 lbs
Steve is a great dog for someone looking for a buddy to pal around with. He’s an old soul with a young heart. The shelter guessed his age at 9 after he was found as a stray but our vet thought he might be closer to 7. He’s got the sagacity of years with the energy of a youngster. Gaze into his eyes and you see a grateful and affectionate dog, wanting to connect and to be understood.
Steve is playful and would love having some space to run. He has a bit of an independent streak but will also listen and take direction well. He’d make a loyal companion for long walks and will rest his head in your lap while hanging out together.
Steve’s is sweet, happy, fun, and a goofball at times. His bouncy ways remind one of Tigger, the Winnie the Pooh character. One of Steve’s favorite activities is to roll around in the grass and give his back a good scratch. He also likes having people pet him and scratch behind his ears.
Steve enjoys playing with other dogs and he’s become great buddies with Cash (another GGLRR dog). The two of them hang out and play together and Steve provides a calming influence for the younger dog. Dogs are fine, but Steve isn’t fond of cats, so he should be in a cat free home.
Steve has been working on his food manners. He’s been doing great learning to sit and wait for meals politely and to take treats nicely since he’s been with GGLRR. We want him to go to an experienced dog owner willing to work with him as needed and continue his training.
Steve will benefit from calm, patient leadership with structure and consistency. He’s an awesome dog who can thrive in the right situation with the right owner. If you’re that person, here’s your chance to make a huge difference in the life of a dog.
Steve is neutered, has a well-check exam and blood panel, is current on vaccinations, heartworm free and is microchipped. Steve is located in Dixon.
If you are interested in Steve, please call or text Rescue Rep Katy at 650-796-3596.


Zoey is 3 years old, German Shepard and hound mix, she has long hound legs. She is a very sweet dog. Zoey is active so she needs someone who enjoys walking or jogging with her every day. She is a great jogger dog, already trained. Zoey is also very intelligent. She should not be in a home with cats. The previous owners started abusing her (alcoholic) and asked my friend (their dog walker) to take her to the “dog pound”. Ugh! We are fostering her now and would love to find a great home for her that will love her forever. She is great with other dogs. She is tall so children over 8 years old would be best.

Contact or text me if you are interested in meeting Zoey or forward this to someone you may know that needs a sweet jogging companion. She is a sweetie and deserves a loving home.
Renee : 650 -224-6400

Bay Area